Santa's Elf 10.0 Dollar Bill Stocking Stuffer Complete Christmas Gift Package with Holiday Greeting Card. Affordable Christmas Gift

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The Official Dollar Bill of Santa's Elves and the North Pole! Real USD. Bankable and Spendable. Each package purchased comes with: 1 Christmas Elf $10 Dollar Bill 1 Holiday Greeting Card Currency Holder w/ Note from Santa's Elves This holiday season, share the gift of Christmas giving with these unique and custom-made Elven Dollar Bills! These are newly minted United States dollar bills featuring Santa's Elf on the face of the bill. Every Elven Dollar Bill comes enclosed in a specially-made festive envelope with a sweet message for the holidays. Perfect as stocking stuffers, holiday cards, office party gifts, secret Santa Gifts and more! A truly unique and affordable Christmas Gift this year. Give the Gift of Christmas giving and order your Elven Dollars today…and happy holidays! See additional characters at our etsy store: