Gingerbread Man 1.0 USD Dollar Bill. Perfect Stocking Stuffer Complete Gift Christmas Gift Package with Holiday Greeting Card.

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The Official Dollar Bill of the Gingerbread Man. Real USD. Bankable and Spendable. Each package purchased comes with: 1 Gingerbread Man Dollar 1 Holiday Greeting Card Currency Holder with Note from the Gingerbread Man This holiday season, share the gift of Christmas Spirit with these unique and custom-made Gingerbread Man Dollar Bills! These are newly minted United States dollar bills featuring the Gingerbread Man on the face of the bill. Every Gingerbread Man Dollar Bill comes enclosed in a specially-made festive envelope with a sweet message for the holidays. Perfect as stocking stuffers, holiday cards, office party gifts, and more! A truly unique and affordable Christmas Gift this year. Give the Gift of Christmas Spirit and order your Gingerbread Man Dollars today…and happy holidays! See Our Shop for Other Popular Christmas Characters on Dollar Bills! Remove Seal Before Use