The Official Jack-O'-Lantern Halloween Dollar Bill. Real 1.0 USD. Bankable & Spendable. Each Bill Comes with a Halloween Card.

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• Each $1 USD Bank Note is Genuine Authentic United States Currency Legal Tender featuring a Jack-O'-Lantern portrait seal placed over the front of the bill covering the portrait of George Washington and creating a Halloween Dollar Bill.

• This US $1 Bill has been enhanced with a special and unique die cut seal process by the Halloween Dollar Bill Collection. This process produces a seamless Jack-O'-Lantern Seal integration with an existing USD $1 creating an Easter collectible work of art combined with an authentic USD $1 Bill.

• Each bill comes displayed in an Easter Card Currency Holder Card issued by the Halloween Dollar Bill. This currency holder displays a certificate of authenticity as well as a message from "Sting Jack" otherwise known and the Jack-O'-Lantern himself.

• Each USD $1 bill is brand new and in uncirculated condition.

• This is the Official Jack-O'-Lantern Dollar Bill offered by Halloween Dollar Bills and is part of the Halloween Dollar Bills Currency Collection. Help share the Horror of Halloween with the giving of this unique Jack-O'-Lantern Dollar Bill and Halloween Card. This bill is 100% real 1.0 USD. Included with this dollar bill is a Halloween card which features a sweet message from Stingy Jack, also known as the Jack-O'-Lantern.

Each package contains:

1 Jack-O'-Lantern 1.0 Dollar Bill

1 Stingy Jack Letter and Currency Holder. The perfect Halloween Trick package this Holiday!