Memorial Day Real 1.0 USD Official Currency Card - Honor the Troops

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Real USD both Bankable & Spendable! Collectible Memorial Day Dollar Bill from the Holiday Dollar Bills Collection! Our Holiday Dollar Bills are authentic US dollar bills featuring a die-cut seal of a saluting soldier, made by a process approved by the US Department of the Treasury. Every Memorial Day Dollar Bill comes enclosed in a specially-made tri-fold currency holder envelope featuring a U.S president. Perfect gift to add to your currency collection. Order your Memorial Day Bill package today… and happy shopping! • Each $1 USD Bank Note is Genuine Authentic United States Currency Legal Tender featuring a Presidential portrait seal placed over the front of the bill covering the portrait of George Washington and creating a Presidential Futures Dollar Bill. • This US $1 Bill has been enhanced with a special and unique die cut seal process by Holiday Dollar Bills Collection. This process produces a seamless Presidential seal integration with an existing USD $1 creating a collectible work of art combined with an authentic USD $1 Bill. • Each bill comes displayed in a Tri-Fold Holiday Currency Holder Card issued by the Holiday Dollar Bills Company. This currency holder displays a certificate of authenticity. • Each USD $1 bill is brand new and in uncirculated condition. • This is the Official Dollar Bill of Memorial Day offered by Holiday Dollar Bills and is part of the Holiday Currency Collection.