Holiday Dollar Bills Completed One Dollar Collection: US Holidays. Real USD Dollar Bill for Each Holiday. 18 Pack in all with Story Book

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A gift for every major Holiday celebrated in the US. Take an exciting journey through joyous moments in time, covering 18 major holidays celebrated by different cultures residing in the united states. Explore their history, defining characteristics and significance through several short poems, artwork and descriptions of each holiday. Lastly, take home a special memento included for each holiday, A special commemorative holiday Dollar Bill for each celebration. the dollar bills are genuine legal tender. Bankable & Spendable. Holiday's Included Are: Martin Luther King Jr Day Chinese New Year Valentine’s Day President’s day St. Patrick’s Day Easter Cinco De Mayo Mother’s Day Memorial Day Father’s Day Independence Day Labor Day Halloween Thanksgiving Hanukkah Christmas New Year’s Day This is the complete collection $1 Collection of Holiday Dollars offered by the Holiday Dollar Bills Company. 1.0 Real USD x 18 different holidays.